• Barneys NY “PSA”

    Client:Barneys New York / Harbor Picture Company Project: Motion Graphics, Subtitling Barneys New York partnering with Save the Children Foundation brought this project to us for the holidays. Had a blast working with the editor directly on this. And over all a feel good project that raises awareness on things that matter. Two spots were …

  • Theraflu “Pods” CM

    Client:GSK / Harbor Picture Co. Project: VFX Compositing, Animation, 3D, Design, GFX Theraflu revisits with a push for their new pods, this project covered broadcast and online. The majority of work was to design the overlay graphics and implement new ways to show the endcard.

  • Tampax “Stress” UK CM

    Client:Tampax / Harbor Picture Co. Project: VFX Compositing, Tracking, Roto, Design, GFX Tampax, was a fun spot that required all the tricks in my bag of skills, from compositing, design, tracking and even rotoscoping. This fun spot took about a two weeks or so to do.

  • Citi “Mobile App” CMs

    Client:Citibank / Harbor Picture Co. Project: VFX Compositing A series of videos promoting Citibank’s mobile app platform. These were straight forward screen comps and animation for broadcast , social and online.

  • Humira “PSA”

    Client:Humira / Harbor Picture Co. Project: Animation, GFX Fun opening and ending treatment for Humira, turned around in a few days.

  • Walmart “Be Jedi Ready”

    Client:Walmart / Saatchi & Saatchi Project:VFX Supervising / Directing , Digital Clean Up, VFX, Compositing , Social Campaign Animations Got to leave the office on this one =) This was a fun Star Wars shoot that required onsite VFX supervising to ensure quality of work with minimal cost and time. Compositing was made easy since …

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