• Prelude to Transformers: Combiner Wars

    Client:Machinima Project:VFX/3D Supervising, Co-Directing, Compositing , 3D Animation, Lighting, VFX, Color Design Chalk this up to the grail projects to work on… Transformers. Yep, I was brought into this project mid way through to help finish what was left behind by another team. Basically had to start from scratch to deliver these motion comics. The …

  • あ!PoN Season 2

    あ!PoN Season 2 Continuing to evolve season two of あ!PoN TV gets an upgrade and quality boost for broadcast. Also expanding its interviews to JPoP music as well as Legendary voice actors and directors! More information on these episodes can be found at the あ!PoN Website !

  • あ!PoN Season 1

    あ!PoN Season 1  Our first entry into online broadcast work. Initially know as Animepodcast,net あ!PoN evolved into something totally different, here are the episodes from season 1! More information on the episodes can be found at the あ!PoN Website !

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