• Thalía, Myke Towers – La Luz MV

    YouTube Link. Client: Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC / UppercutProject: Design, VFX, Animation Had the privilege to work on Thalía’s music video “LaLuz” by Director Ariel Danziger and I have to say it was a blast and great change of pace while being under lockdown. I especially enjoyed the design process since it taps …

  • Big Data – “Clean (feat. Jamie Lidell)” MV

    Client: Good Company / Warner Brothers Records / Saatchi & Saatchi Project: VFX, Compositing, Animation A Nice break from Advertising Work, got to do some VFX for Big Data. More info here on AdWeek !

  • Visual Conception MV

    Client: Nice Vision Studio Project: Conceptual Design, VFX, Shooting, Lighting and Editing This is a Visual pitch test for Nice Vision Studio in Shanghai. Incorporating multiple mediums ranging from 3D to vfx.

  • Analogue Transit “Appearances” MV

    Client: Hard Luck Studios Project: Music Video Directing, Shooting, Compositing and Editing While working full time on my MFA at Visual Arts I decided to take a breather from thesis and do this Music Video for a band called “Analogue Transit” with Hsin-ying Chiu. The Song “Appearances” help break the monotony of the school project …

  • Moses Pertab “Chilling in the Concrete Jungle” MV

    Client: Fire Movement Project: Music Video Directing, Shooting, and Editing Moses Pertab’s debut video “Chilling in the Concrete Jungle” was filmed entirely in NYC and brought to life the city’s wonderful vibe.

  • S.E.A. Custom “Leek Noi Krub” MV

    Client: Sea Custom Entertainment Project: Music Video Directing, Shooting, and Editing After a month plus of editing and effects by myself and the very talented Josh Meyers. We present you with the completed Sea*Custom video “Leek Noi Krub” which in Thai means “Out of My Way”. Shot on a Panasonic DVX-100A and a Sony HD …

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