• Citi “Mobile App” CMs

    Client:Citibank / Harbor Picture Co. Project: VFX Compositing A series of videos promoting Citibank’s mobile app platform. These were straight forward screen comps and animation for broadcast , social and online.

  • Humira “PSA”

    Client:Humira / Harbor Picture Co. Project: Animation, GFX Fun opening and ending treatment for Humira, turned around in a few days.

  • Walmart “Be Jedi Ready”

    Client:Walmart / Saatchi & Saatchi Project:VFX Supervising / Directing , Digital Clean Up, VFX, Compositing , Social Campaign Animations Got to leave the office on this one =) This was a fun Star Wars shoot that required onsite VFX supervising to ensure quality of work with minimal cost and time. Compositing was made easy since …

  • Theraflu “Feel the Power” US and Global

    Client:GSK / Saatchi & Saatchi Project: 3D Lighting, 3D Animation, VFX Compositing, Explosion Simulation, VFX Design This was the big project of the year which took up most of the first quarter of 2017. Real fun and real premium (as industry would say lol). The main project consisted of the 3D man animation and Crush …

  • ZzzQuil Liquid Capsule “Fast”

    Client:Procter & Gamble / Saatchi & Saatchi Project: Compositing , 3D Animation ZzzQuil product replacement and spot changed, had me building a new scene in the beginning and then animating some pills in the spot. Package and product are all 3D. Our flame artist also changed the sleeping girls shirt from white to purple.

  • Bounty “Races”

    Client:Procter and Gamble / Saatchi & Saatchi Project:Character Design, Character Animation Getting to do some character design and animation every now and then can be fun. This spot went through a couple of revisions to pass legal, and ultimately I decided the easiest way to get pass legal is to design the alien to look …

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