• Harry Potter Broadway

    Client: Nathan Love / Harry Potter Project: Particle Effects A quick turn around for a cool FX. I was called in to develop the look and style of the magic.

  • Grubhub “Perks” CM

    Client: Grubhub / UppercutProject: Motion Graphics, Roto, Design Got to jump in on creative design and animation for this spot, while giving direction to the team on how it integrates with the live footage. Adapting the spot to third party stuff. Like these Taco and Salad spots.

  • NBA All Stars

    Client: Nathan Love / NBA Project: Motion Graphics, Roto, Typology Layout Fun times getting back to my animation roots with a great animation team. I got the chance to flex some animation compositing skills as well as particle fx for the spot.

  • EWC Bare Confidence

    Client:European Wax Center / Cycle Media Project: Motion Graphics, Roto, Typology Layout Simple and elegant execution of text matters in beauty edits. And I was brought into add that simplicity to the spot.

  • EWC Pink Tax Redux

    Client:European Wax Center / Cycle Media Project: Animation, Re-Design, GFX EWC updates its Pink Tax piece with new animation timings and designs. This was a fun piece to rework and get ready for social media and broadcast.

  • Vita Fusion 2019

    Client: VitaFusion / Harbor Picture Company Project: VFX Compositing, Animation, Design, GFX An amazingly fun job, where boards came in from clients and I instantly knew where to take em. Conceptualized a lot of how the effects and animation worked and got most of it approved first round. This project was a few months of …

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