Theraflu “Feel the Power” US and Global

Client:GSK / Saatchi & Saatchi Project: 3D Lighting, 3D Animation, VFX Compositing, Explosion Simulation, VFX Design

This was the big project of the year which took up most of the first quarter of 2017. Real fun and real premium (as industry would say lol). The main project consisted of the 3D man animation and Crush text which had to be adapted for several languages. I got to animate the man and build up the look and feel guy of the guy with my team, as well as design and animate the end tag explosion using a combination of simulation and vfx. Afterwards a few digital bumpers needed to be created for social so I ended up creating three fun animated gags using Theraflu’s tag line. Overall a long but fun process…

The Animated Bumper Shorts: Rappel | TipToe | Spotlight

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